What Does “Move-in Ready” Really Mean?

If you’ve been searching for a new home no doubt you’ve seen the term, “move-in ready.”

This description sounds very appealing, but understanding what it actually means is important so you have the right expectations when house hunting.

The meaning of “move-in ready” is fairly straightforward; it means that the home is in a condition which is acceptable for immediate occupancy.

The home meets the standards of living and assures the buyer that the essential elements needed to occupy the home are present and in running condition.

For example, the home should have working plumbing, appliances, sound roof, electricity, gas and locking doors and windows.

What “move-in ready” does not necessarily mean is that the home is in pristine condition. A home that is “move-in ready” might still require updating and while systems are assumed to be operational, they might still be old or outdated. At Lake Real Estate Group, we recommend you have your Home Inspector verify the facts.

“Move-in ready” is a common phrase in Real Estate.  It is not a bad phrase, or a good phrase. It is more of a state-phrase.

Understanding that move in ready does not necessarily mean up to date, and so forth,  you can approach the listing with realistic expectations and determine if the property is worth your investment.


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